Martes, Disyembre 27, 2011

I'm back!

I just realized that you haven't seen my face yet, so I'm gonna post a few pics here, before I post my style post as promised. :*

This is me with my senior bestfriend.. I'm the one on the left. (Due to my constant moving, I get one bestfriend for every year of high school. Weird I know.)

Me in my Potterhead craziness. (Smiling to disguise my puffy and red eyes.. From crying.)

A stolen shot of me in my school uniform playing the guitar during a recent picnic. Yep. I love music. Obviously. 

Posing for the camera! I do weird poses, just so you know in advance. :P

I'm into henna tattooing and I recently got this last December 14th.. Unfortunately, I did the laundry and they faded.. and faded... and faded.. I love this design so much that I'm thinking to get it tattooed on me for real once I'm legal. Yup. I'm crazy.  And see that guitar? That's not mine. :P

Anywho, I'm gonna end this post already, I know you've had enough of my face. LOL.

Later people! :*

3 komento:

  1. Hey there! :) You might want to check out my blog

    Follow me too? :) thank you.

    The Big Apple Girl

  2. I love henna tats, too! I'm also thinking about getting a real tattoo soon :)

  3. @The Big Apple Girl: I checked it out and I must say that you have awesome style! :*

    @Mara Feliz: I'm so unsure if I'll actually get a real one or if I'll stick to henna.. Hmm.. In any case, good luck with your decision! :*