Martes, Enero 3, 2012

Hey Girls! (Announcement)

As of this morning, I'm officially back in school, and that means I will be able to post less often than usual.. but I promise they will be jam-packed with info! Oh, and please tell me suggestions on what to blog about, things you want reviewed, stuff like that, just so I have blog ideas on hand. It makes everything easier.

Please keep in mind that I am not abandoning this blog even if I don't post for weeks. It just means that I'm a little bit busy in real life. Also, I'm currently establishing a routine in which I post on my blog every other day. I hope that I'll be able to follow that with all the chaos and stress bound to come since I'm currently three months away from graduation. 

Yup. That's that, and thank you for your continuous support! I appreciate all of it! :)

Hugs, Nessa :*

P.S. Do leave me questions in the comments, even non beauty and fashion related ones. And ideas people! :*

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  1. Great blog. I know how busy life and school can get. Work and life is also getting in my way of blogging and looking for great online deals too. But a few great quality post is better than lots of post with no quality.

    Good luck with school and congratulations three months in advance to your graduation.

    Found you on Elle&blair. New follower.

  2. @AtomicNony: I won't. :*

    @Elle: Thank you! :*

    @my mini bag: I'm glad there's someone who understands. And yes, I agree with everything you said. I support you. :*